Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 15 - Working on the Necromantic folk.

12/17/12 - Day 15 of the 16 days of XMAS vacation.

Today I spent most of the day ill and/or shopping at thrift stores for gifts. Got myself a new winter coat and some flannels. Came home and made some fried (baked) wontons and a mess of noodles. Feeling full and good now. Thought I should take a moment to outline my work area as I found it moments ago...

My work table as I left it yesterday.
While I haven't painted anything today (yet) I do have a few WIP photos of the models on the table at the moment. There are 2 Wights, 2 Werewolves, and 2 Mummies (which I didn't bother getting a photo of as it is just basecoat stuff and pretty boring). Here is where I begin today!

Wights #1 and #2, going for a Black and White scheme.
Wolf #1 and #2, going for a multicultural skin hue between them.

Necromancer for the team coach, wizard, Igor, what have you.

Not the most exciting start but hey... it's a start! Hoping to complete all of the unpainted Blood Bowl teams I have sitting around and maybe take a crack at some Necromunda and/or Warhammer models as well! Woah. Ambitious....


Axtklinge said...

That's a very good start!
Love how your necromancer is turning out: the red tone is really cool, and the parchment looks great too.

Randroid said...


I like the way the Necromancer is turning out too. His parchment/skin thing is now glowing green...