Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 14 - Glowing green with schemes.

12/18/12 - Day 14 of the 16 days of XMAS vacation.

Spent today feeling ill again, a bad omen for extended time off, but managed to paint for about 2 hours in between running errands and making food. More painting is required! Also managed to not buy new models for a Dark Elf team which I consider to be a victory. Here's what we got so far today...

Wizard/Coach/Igor just about done. Gotta finish the metals and base.
Werewolves just about done as well. Same with the metal and the base.
Wights! Looking good, you guessed it, the metal and the base.
Mummy hugs! Finished up the basecoat and this is their wash time (shiny).

That may be all I get done today! Also did some final highlights on the Flesh Golems and Ghouls. I hope to have this team pretty much wrapped up tomorrow with the exception of sealing and last shiny details. That will mean the completion of my Necromantic and Undead teams with the addition of the Zombies from my all Zombie Human team! Three teams in one! Bam!! After that it will be on to either my all Khorne Chaos team, my Orc team, or perhaps finishing up my Lizardmen team. Lots to do and already 2 days down!