Thursday, December 27, 2012

Beer Review - Minhas Boxer Lager.

New brew Thursday!! Another beer from the archive. This one is from the summer and is what some might call a "lawnmower beer". I could go for a couple of these right now!!

Minhas Craft Brewery - Boxer Lager

Beer Type: American Adjunct Lager

Appearance: Big ole can for a low price of $1.15, Beer poured a light golden color with a huge foamy head that dissipated quickly. A darker color than I expected to see which is a good sign.

Smell: Sweet malt and corn come through right away. Have read other reviews which compared this smell to the circus peanuts candy and I can see that. 

First Drink: A nice bold flavor when compared to other cheap beers of this ilk. Sweet like the aroma with a bit of fruit mixed with the corn. Not as bad as that sounds. 

Mouthfeel: Very full for this style and price. A bit sticky but the even carbonation helps balance this out. 

Last Drink: More of the sweet flavors but I am not getting the "cheap beer fatigue" I would normally get from drinking something like this.  

Drinkability: Cheap, regional, not from a massive horror-brewery, and it tastes good too? I don't really see how you can go wrong. I'll be drinking it again for sure.  

Notes: Got this from a new local beer store when it was on sale. Glad I gave it a shot.  

Verdict: 3 out of 5. Great for what it is.. an affordable 5% beer that will have you feeling good on a warm day. 


Paul of the Man Cave said...

A lager with some Ale characteristics? Sounds like a good brew!

Randroid said...

Indeed! I just noticed the local store also sells this beer in a 12 pack of huge cans!? Might need to get one of those for my next league game... hahaha