Saturday, December 31, 2011

Progress Report 12/31/11 - End of vacation, end of the year.

That's a wrap 2011! It's been quite a hectic year for me all things considered. After working in my position at the co-operative grocery store I manage for just over a year I had to completely change the way I did everything in preparation for the move to a new store. This was a massive undertaking and it ate up large chunks of my life (and time). That said... the results are truly amazing! I am really proud of what I helped accomplish. 

In the new year I will be changing my position at the store, moving from managing all the purchasing/stocking/etc to running our deli. It is a long term move and something I am quite excited by. It means giving up a lot of responsibility of the store overall but it is an area I am far more passionate about (making kick ass food for kick ass people). 

Blah, blah, blah ... how about some pictures of what I managed to get painted on the Lizardmen team yesterday? 

Yup. That's it! Just working on the basecoats before I move into adding more details, highlights, etc. I doubt I will get any more painting today as I have plans to cook some dinner, play some LoTR Risk, and have a few drinks before the year ends. Wishing you and yours a fantastic end of 2011 and all the best as we kick off the new year.

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Paul of the Man Cave said...

Best wishes with the move at work in 2012!

Those Lizardmen models kick ass! I recall that you had some challenges putting them together, but it will totally be worth the trouble - they look so much better than the GW figs.