Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beer Review - Magic Hat #9

Super behind on the beer reviews. How can I call my blog Drinkin' and Modelin' when there isn't any booze?! Here is one from way back in Austin (though I can get this beer here in Kalamazoo as well).

Magic Hat Brewing Company - #9

Beer Type: Fruit/Vegetable beer

Appearance: 12 oz. brown bottle with a big orange and pink/red number 9 on the label. Beer poured a light golden color (maybe a little orange?) with a nice thick head.

Smell: Apricots first, followed by a little malt and hops.

First Drink: Sweet apricot and fruit flavors followed by a mild honey aftertaste. Interesting...

Mouthfeel: Pretty light overall and nicely carbonated.

Last Drink: A bit more hops and bitterness coming through now.

Drinkability: Hard to quantify this beer as "drinkable" or not. It is strange and I like it ... I think.

Notes: Magic Hat makes some odd beers but I don't fault them for it. Here's hoping they manage to keep it up!

Verdict: 3 out of 5. Not quite enough going on to keep me really interested in this beer.


Gigawatts said...

I think this is a beer best enjoyed cold outside in the summer. I found its unique flavor refreshing.

I may be biased because this is the beer that got me through restaining my back porch deck.

Also, quit slacking on the beer reviews. Your love of beer and Blood Bowl is inspiring to my hobby. It made me become more selective with my tastes in both categories.

Randroid said...

Yes! Beer! And Blood Bowl! I need more of both in my life and my blog. I'll get right on it. Hopefully at least one new review a week.

I've had #9 several times since I wrote this review and it is a pretty good drink. I do enjoy it more when it is warm outside. It is also quite nice on tap if you have the chance to drink it that way...