Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Progress Report 12/28/11 - Vacation day four.

Haven't managed to get much hobby work done today. I finished up some touchups and basing on the vampires and that's about all (so far). Instead I spent a lot of the day reading (finished two books), cataloging new metal collection additions (so much new music to listen to), and trying hard not to answer work emails.

Here is where the bloodsuckers stand as of this moment:

I didn't mean to pose them so they all lined up neatly together... but they do! Next up for these guys is a varnish and some "fresh blood" before I call them "done". Then it is on to another project... perhaps the Lizards? Orcs? Chaos? Which should I finish next!?


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Very kewl!

Randroid said...


The one on the end (#6) looks like he is saying "come at me bro!"