Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Progress Report 12/27/11 - Vacation day three.

Yesterday I managed to get plenty of GS sculpting done on the Chaos BB team. I decided to add some small touches to each of the beastmen/bloodletters to help break up their skin tone a bit. Things like bracers, gloves, punching knuckles, shoulder pads, etc... each one got something. No pictures at the moment as they are currently drying after priming. 

Today I have managed get highlights on all of the Vampire BB team and I am working on the bases for the unfinished vampires. After that it will be a bit of blood, then static grass, then a coat of sealer, before I gore them up one last time to keep the blood looking "fresh". 

In other news... Chest of Colors posted their "Worst Miniature"  winners and losers. I know the suspense is killing you so I am posting the finalists here:

The winners are….

  1. Nagash with 14,80% of all votes
  2. Sunbathing orc with 12,85% of all votes
  3. Minotaurs with 7,10% of all votes.
 Check out the rest of the informative post for the community response, and the "losers" of the poll. Great content! 

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