Monday, December 5, 2011


Happy Krampus everyone!!

How are you celebrating your Krampus today? Need inspiration? How about a list of a few possible Krampus related activities you can do with your friends and loved ones:
  • Make yourself a Krampus mask
  • Cut and or burn some bundles of birch
  • Ring bells!
  • Join in a parade or throw a party
  • Drink, feast, and be merry (and drunk)
  • Run through the streets screaming "Krampus is coming!"
  • Tell a story
  • Ringing more bells, and beat on a drum
  • Give gifts and take gifts too
  • Beatings and/or whippings!
Whatever you do, have a good time and don't forget to celebrate! It's another 364 days until the next Krampus day after all...


Paul of the Man Cave said...

I think I'm getting a krampus in my stomach right now!

Randroid said...

Well maybe next year you should behave?

Equinox said...

Krampus = The only reason I like the Christmas Holiday