Sunday, February 6, 2011

Progress Report 2/6/11 - A super Sunday?

Darn it! Here we are... another Sunday and another one post week on the blog. I need to find another day or two during the week that works well for updating!

Got a bit of stuff done this week and still managed to work a bunch (in between sleeping and finishing two books). Quick rundown...
  • Assembled the rest of the "core" for my Orc BB team - the Trailer Orc Boyz (three more Blitzers and one Thrower). Working on my "troll" now (basically a big Orc made with an ogre body and Black Orc head and hands). 
  • Finished another test mini for my first potential painting client - basically the same just a different skin tone.
  • Got more basecoat/skin done for my BB Ogres.

And that's it! I didn't manage to play any BB this week due to the blizzard weather and some long hours at work on Wednesday, and the super-something-bowl put a cramp in my plans to get some WHFB in today. Behold! Photographic evidence of my progress!

So there you have it! Photos! Comment, critiques, and commentary are welcome as always. This week I hope to finish up my Orcs and get a bit of primer on them. Then it's time for me to decide which team I will be playing in KUBBL IV - Nurgle, Ogres, Orcs, or ???


Gyro said...

I love the look of those Ork Boys covnerted as Blood Bowl players, that's a really good look. Your poses are great too, I like the 'wind up' pose of the Thrower getting ready for a 'Hail Mary'.

I've got a BB team inventory coming up pretty soon on my blog, there's been a lot of it in the air lately it seems.

Randroid said...

Thanks! I'm pretty happy with the look of the 40k orcs as BB orcs. I think the ideal would have been a mix of WHFB and 40k boyz but I was working on a budget.

Looking forward to seeing some BB on your blog as well! It's a great game..

MikeD said...

I agree, great poses... I love the movement on 'em. Great Job, keep it coming, more posts per week would be awesome too. I'd say block off a bit of time and schedule a few at a time.

Kuffeh said...

Looking good Randroid. I love the dynamic poses you have given your players, especially the thrower.

Anonymous said...

Those Orcs are really coming along. Good job keeping them looking like a team. Can't wait to see the Troll/larger Orc.