Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nurgland Germs - KUBBL III season recap.

KUBBL III Season Recap

Straight from the diseased heart of the Empire, deep below the city in dank darkened sewage systems, came the Blood Bowl champions of Nurgle - the Nurgland Germs! They came to hug, love, pass on a few diseases, and keep the high and mighty both unhealthy and low scoring throughout the season. For the most part this was a success:

The Germs came out strong in their first five games - managing to stay on the pitch and shut down the Norse, Wood Elf, Vampire, and Dark Elf teams they faced. Things took a turn for the worse when they played the KUBBL up and coming Orc team, managing to maintain their strong defense but failing to make the game winning touchdown.

This tie was quickly followed by their toughest opponent (and eventual winner) of the KUBBL III season in the nasty Underworld team of the Gits. Despite being pushed around the entire game by Goblins they did manage to hold the soon to be champions to a minor 0-2 loss while earning a place in the division playoffs (due to a forfeit by the Slann team).

The first round of the playoffs continued the downward spiral for the Germs as they lost to a substantially tougher version of the Dark Elves which they had dominated in the regular season. The game was lost due to a crucial Really Stupid roll by the Germs team captain Sucksore, who failed yet again after successfully managing his Loner reroll.

Overall it was a fairly stunning showing by the rotten renegades from Nurgland, performing admirably during the regular season and earning Best Defense for KUBBL III with only 4 touchdowns scored against them (two of which happened in the playoffs).

And now for some photos of the Nurgland Germs team! Please exscuse the dings and dirty bases. I hope to find time to clean these up soon (and hopefully my league-mates will stop dropping metal dice and unpainted figures on my painted plastic pieces).


The solid (on the outside) armored yet pussy center of the Nurgland Germs... the Nurgle Warriors! From left to right - #4 Fiddletaint, #3 Loatheflush, #2 Killbubo, and #5 Wartgristle.

The pusbeasts, the vilehorns, the movers and the shakers... the Pestigors! From left to right - #8 Helmdreg, #7 Pestbelch, #6 Rendclap, and #9 Glutman.

And then there are the stalwart slushy stand-ins, the beatable bums, the breakable blockers... the Rotters! From left to right - #10 Pustor ov Muppetz, #11 Maggotwine, and # 12 Spurtback. The lot of them without skills a hope nor a prayer. #13 though 16 have yet to enter the team roster.

And last and usually least we have the bloated bastard team captain of the Nurgland Germs himself... the Beast of Nurgle Sucksore!


Somehow he made it on to the KUBBL III All Star team though I don't know how..

Well that's KUBBL Season III in the books. The first for the Germs, but will they return for KUBBL IV or will the newly raised Hooded Menace step in to show the league what an Undead team can do? Find out next week (because that's when I need to make my choice by)! 


MikeD said...

Wow, I just went through your roster and looked at the links for your League. It's super impressive, a very nicely organized and well done league you guys have there! I'm Jealous.

Randroid said...

Thanks but I can't take any of the credit. The site is based on website programming/layout we pay a yearly fee for. I think it's worth it though!

unit-1978 said...

Hey man, I happen to be looking thru some web pages and noticed you used my nurgle art for you league thing. I dont care it just surprised me. Like I said I dont care have at it man, im working on some other nurgle stuff as well.
I closed out that old deviant art account and opened another one. Anyways cool blog man. I love warhammer.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Only just saw this team pic- WoW!!! I'm teetering on going for a Nurgle team this year and this has me all inspired mate!