Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Progress Report - Ice is not nice.

You may already be aware of this but the area of the US where I live got a rather nasty winter storm over the weekend. It was an onslaught of snow, followed quickly by freezing rain, and it made traveling very dangerous while simultaneously bringing down trees and power lines all over the state. I ended up losing power (and thus heat) in my house for the past couple days, luckily it came back on today. It all started on Sunday morning while I was playing in a BRAWL...

I brought the brand new Hooded Menace team and walked away with third place overall scoring 1-1-1 in my three matches. The first game was against a fairly new Chaos team and started off with a "oh shit" moment as the first block of the game resulted in a dead (again) Zombie for the Menace. The rest of the undead rockers must have been a bit pissed to see Macehtazo go down (for good) as they came back to score 6 more casualties of their own on the Chaos team! By the end of the game there were only three players left on the pitch for the Warkittens, and only one of those was a Chaos Warrior! Walked away with the win and went on to play the overall winner of the tournament (and my new most hated elf team) the Umlauts.

It was a close game against the elves after the first elf score, but three turns of a Ghoul dropping the ball to score the tie (pick up, rolled a 2, re-roll, rolled a 1. same again for two more turns!!) led to the two elves and one treeman on the pitch taking home the win. If I had tied this game the Umlauts wouldn't have won the whole thing and the Menace would have likely tied for second overall in points. Oh well... on to the last game against a fairly developed Necro team!

The D-gens came out strong and knocked the Menace about the pitch for a quick score. The Menace came back and quickly managed to score one of their own to tie up the game. The last half of the game was a grudge fest with the ball switching hands multiple times before finally coming to rest in the middle of the pitch between two Flesh Golems and two Mummies for the majority of the half. A final last ditch effort to break out with a Werewolf was foiled by some incredibly "go for its" by the Menace Ghouls who redeemed themselves and kept the D-gens from getting the game winning score.

Still! Third place is pretty good for a new team I think! I haven't played many games with the Undead but so far I am really liking them. I will be using them in KUBBL IV which begins this week and is a much longer season as we now have 14 coaches in the league! Winning third is nice but it came mostly out of these numbers:

I scored 15 casualties (two of which were regen'd kills in the game against the D-gens)and topped out both of the number #1 and #2 slots with 4 casualties on a Wight and a Mummy! Awesome! Can't wait to see what happens in KUBBL IV once the team starts to develop a little more... although my current schedule is looking quite difficult.

Before the power went out on Sunday I also managed to get more paint on my Ogre team - adding some bashed up painted shoulder pads. I like the look of em!

That's all for now. Gonna enjoy the electricity, heat, and warm food before another crazy day of ice and snow.


MikeD said...

Weathering looks awesome on those Ogre pads, Keep it up!

Man Cave said...

Your Ogre team is looking totally awesome. I've been thinking about getting one for awhile and this is starting to tip the balance... Especially now I'm introducing my Lad to BB and he likes hurting players with his Black Orcs!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Just wanted to let you know that my Lad absolutely took my humans apart last night playing his new OGRE team, using BB7s rules. He now thinks OGREs are the best team ever!

We were using a whole stack of proxy models for the match, but I showed him your Ogre team and now he's in love with your models as his 'must have' big fellahs :-)