Thursday, February 10, 2011

Progress Report 2/10/11 - where did all this come from!?

Holy crap! Have you seen all the new O&G WHFB book and model information? Who am I kidding... of course you have. Still! Most exciting! When I first got started in Fantasy I was quite intrigued by the idea of a Savage Orc list but the models just weren't there, nor were my modeling or sculpting skills. So the announcement of the new Savage Orcs and Forest Goblins models and units has me quite giddy. Hee hee! 

So I was sitting around trying to decide what team I should play in the next KUBBL season and I kept coming back to comments from my league-mates about playing "a better team". New teams require new models, and not only new models but newly painted models, something I don't have right now. I am still working on the Amazon team and I don't know if I am good enough to play them quite yet. I am taking my time on the Orc team and they won't be ready for the new season, and the same with my newly assembled Lizardmen team.. so where does that leave me? Looking around I noticed a box of LoTR "Army of the Dead" models collecting dust and suddenly...

I have a new Undead team! I plan on differentiating the positional pieces by painting them different colors and they are also in a certain pose. Lineman (Zombies or Skeletons) have an arm up, Ghouls are moving forward with an arm out, Wights have two hands out on their chests, and Mummies are standing straight up. Hard to tell from this photo but they look quite different on the table. To get these all painted up quickly, and also to practice some new skills, I will be painting them in an "ethereal" blended style. I'm hoping to have them all done by this weekend! Crazy!

Now I just need a name and a theme for the team. Right now I am leaning towards Hooded Menace - a name taken from one of my favorite bands at the moment. Slow, heavy, and relentlessly coming after you... sounds like the Undead BB team on the tabletop right?

The other thing I have poked at the last couple days is my "troll" for the Trailer Orc Boyz.


Still adding another bit of chain suspenders, a bit shoulder pad, and some other "orc" bits to make him fit in with the team more. I like how he's turning out though. What do you think?


Max said...

Just give the troll either a mug or ye olde beere helmet and I think you're good to go.

Randroid said...

Haha ... man I wish I had thought of the beer helmet. That would have been perfect.