Sunday, January 30, 2011

Progress Report 1/30/11 - Money maker... putting it to the test

Another week, a few more models with paint and primer. I've had a strong desire to put brush to miniature but life has conspired against me. Puppy-sitting, working, and time spent on the Bellower have kept my hobby time to a minimum.

Something's got to give! Maybe I just need to stop reading and sleeping so much.

Had a few requests from the KUBBL folks to paint their models. I quickly turned down the initial requests, as I don't feel I am a particularly strong painter, but after a bit more badgering I agreed to do a test mini or two for one.. "client" ??

This Orc comes from the standard BB starter box and was very sloppily primed - leading to a loss of some fine detail and some craggy/cracked texture. My goals on this model were to present a tabletop quality miniature in under one hour total. Given that I am not a very fast painter I used a few techniques which I wouldn't settle for on my own BB minis but I think the results are acceptable (good?).

We'll see what the potential client thinks! I have another mini sitting here which I will try a slightly different skin technique on, and this Orc needs a few highlights and some minor detail work before I am willing to call it "good enough"

 This one post a week stuff is for the birds! I promise to get some more stuff up here soon... including a brief overview of my first season with the Nurgland Germs.


Kuffeh said...

For a quick paint, that is pretty good. Nice going.

Oh, and I wondered whether you'd find this interesting. It is a BB podcast that is looking at nurgle:

Randroid said...

Thanks for the link! I listen to Three Die Block.. actually I am listening to it right now while I paint.

Kuffeh said...

I use to listen to them, but have not done so for quite some time. That said, I have always enjoyed their podcast.

Randroid said...

The episode before this latest one has a shout out to me and the Bellower in it!