Monday, February 14, 2011

Progress Report 2/14/11 - Happy Hooded Menace day!

Hooded Menace is done and painted now. Just in time to celebrate the announcement of the new Tomb Kings book in May!


Hopefully you can guess what each piece is by the letter on the base? M for Mummy, W for Wight, G for Ghoul, Z for Zombie, and S for Skeleton. The colors and poses are the same among those types as well. I still need to add a bit of static grass to the bases but overall I am quite happy with how they turned out seeing as I only started them late Friday night! 

I've already played two games with the Menace against a dirty Elf team - drawing the first 2-2 and winning the second 2-0. I'm really enjoying how the Undead team plays on the pitch... who knows, maybe this will be the team I bring to both the Headbanger's Ball and the start of KUBBL IV?


MikeD said...

Slick, simple and clear. Great job! Kinda wish we had players in my neck of the woods, a quick Orc team would be nice.

Did you make those letters out of greenstuff?

Randroid said...


The letters are from model railway supplies. I believe the brand is Slaters.

Tristan said...

love the look of the team. you need more zombies though, both for raising and i would recommend starting with 3 (AV8 is too hard to pass up for a lino)

Randroid said...

Yeah I plan on making a few more, I just ran out of bases and need to pick some up.

I like a mix of Skellies and Zombies. Two Zombies on the line with the Mummies and a Skeleton playing saftey/fouler with the extra point of movement. So far it has worked out well.