Thursday, September 3, 2009

Skavenblight Gazette - Issue #7 out now!

*chitter chitter*

Just in time to feed the growing needs of Skaven generals everywhere, the 7th issue of Skavenblight Gazette has just been released. You can view and download the new issue here.

My favorite article has always been "Ask Seer Squeek" but there is plenty of Skaven goodness to be had in the latest issue including - a review of the upcoming book Grey Seer by C.L. Werner (cool), rules for creating your own all Skaven Blood Bowl league, kitbashing Plague Censer Bearers, Mordheim musings, and a few other interesting articles.

I can tell plenty of time went into crafting the issue and it shows - the look, layout, and quality of this new issue is all top notch. It makes me wish I had my own Skaven force in the works... but that way madness lies. Wonderful hairy rat man madness...

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Anonymous said...

Props for spreading the disease.

Glad you liked the Grey Seer review, that's my contribution. Among dozens.

The children of the horned rat would certainly welcome you as a brother skaven... and then stab you in the back!