Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to 'Ard Boyz we go!

'Ard Boyz! What madness lies within the twisted walls of your average tabletop gamer's mind? Soon I will find out as I venture deep into the territory of "cheesed out" lists in "waac-ville".

Even Thor is getting in on the "beardy" action!

Things I expect will happen in my three games today:

1. My Ogres will be completely outmatched in the magic phase (even with Skrag and two Butchers)

2. I will be tabled very early in a game (or two, or three), most likely by heavy shooting or magic.

3. The scenarios will be "good" to me and I will score a few points but lose all my games.

Things I would like to see happen in my three games today:

1. My Tyrant completely and utterly destroys a Lord or two.

2. The Scraplauncher or Slavegiant will do something spectacularly terrible that works out to my advantage.

3. I win at least one (or two, or three) of my games, hopefully against players who bring very hard lists.

Wish the Beer Gut Tribe (and me!) a bit of luck - they will likely need it! Best of luck to all the brave OK generals taking Ogres to 'Ard Boyz today. Maw the force be with you.

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Boss Salvage said...

Good luck to the ogres daring to enter the Land of WAAC! Here's to kicking some kind of ass after wading through all the guns and magic!

- Salvage