Monday, September 7, 2009

Painted Skeleton Warriors unit - one down and many more to go!

Skeletons! I am nearly done with my first unit of Skeleton Warriors so I thought this would be a good time to share their WIP pics (on a nice sunny morning when I don't have to go to work). Still need to add some static grass to their bases, and I may go back and add more definition to some of the metal swords, but otherwise these are done!

Click on the pictures to see the enbiggen'd version.

Front shot, although my camera felt the one skeleton way in the back rank was the most important. Perhaps it failed it's Fear test and was too afraid to focus on the champion and command rank.

A 3/4 side view to show off some of the back rankers. They are important too! (mostly because they take just as long to paint and there are a lot of the little buggers) Pay no attention to the dog hair stuck to the bases, my final basing won't include (much) of the stuff.

The skeletons march to war on my gaming table. Fear their mighty weapon skill of 2! I can almost hear their creaky, cracking sounds as they shamble forward in search of new recruits to add to their ranks through death.

Still working on my first Vampire Counts list but right now it looks like it will have quite a few of these bony bastards. They aren't terrible to paint but all of the little details makes them a bit of a chore and this is only the first of what will eventually be a legion of 80 or so Skeleton Warriors (not counting the Grave Guard and Black Knights which would push me up towards 150 or more). Comments and critiques are welcome and encouraged.


John said...

Very nice mate like the non-standard poses as well.

Good too see someone else going with the Skeletal horde rather than Ghould horde VC army.

Pity they only sell Skeletons in units of 10

inanecourage said...

Nice work. I like what you have done to the metal. Not too overboard on the rust effects, but managed to make it look quite worn and old.