Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beer Gut Tribe smashed in some 'eads at 'Ard Boyz!

What?! How the hell ...

I got second place in round one of 'Ard Boyz today - beating out a nasty VC list, casty double Slann LM list, and Dragon/double Hydra DE list. Final tally was 1 Draw and 2 Massacres.

First place was a Kairos DoC list with tons of Flamers and a giant unit of Horrors. Third place was a Thorek Dwarf list.

I'll try and get some details up tomorrow - right now I am still in shock! Going to be playing in round 2 for the regional competition! I am very happy and very proud of my Ogres. To those that said it couldn't be done - you were wrong!


inanecourage said...

Top work. Good to see the Ogres sticking it to some of the 'super' armies.

Shrink to Fit said...

Congratulations! The Beer Gut Tribe rolls on!

Randroid said...


Thanks guys. I will try and get up some of the game details tomorrow.

Boss Salvage said...

Totally awesome man, can't wait to hear the details! And congrats!

- Salvage