Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gamesday Fantasy - Beastmen rumors?

While there was very little in the way of Skaven at Gamesday 2009 I did come across this picture of a Nurgle-tree while browsing through a collection of pictures on the web. He is a big nasty one he is.

"What!? I'm hungry!!"

This same tree showed up recently in the scenery section of White Dwarf and from the "News... In Brief" there is this cryptic comment:
"If you go down to the woods today you're sure for a big surprise... especially if it's one of the dark woods that cover the Old World. Not the traditional end to the rhyme, but it's what certain games developers have been singing recently. What does it mean? Find out in a few months' time."
Sounds like the Beasts of Chaos are baying from the darkened woods... for my hard earned cash! Any Beast players read this blog? What are you looking forward to in your new book!? I'd love to see the addition (re-addition?) of Chaos mutations, more special characters, and a big gribbly monster.

UPDATE - spent some time poking around the net (most notably WarSeer) and discovered some info about this evil tree. The tree is the creation of Chad Mierzwa who has a large Nurgle Beastmen army and the tree just happens to be a part of it. His work has a tendency of making it's way into White Dwarf and army books but hard to say if this has anything to do with a new Beasts of Chaos book.

Also came across a post from dandini who says:
"I was lucky enough to chat with John Blanche at Games Day UK, and had quite a comprehensive look through his sketchbook. Nestled somewhere in the middle of the book was a picture of a chaos tree, above the tree was a khornate symbol, and the image was copyright 2008.

I asked John if this was an indicator of an upcoming Beasts of Chaos release and of them having an evil treeman unit. He said that he wasn't allowed to give any info on future releases but gave a wry smile as if I'd uncovered an easter egg in his book!"
So is this tree a harbringer of Beasts to come? Who know... it looks pretty damn cool though.

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Elazar The Glorified said...

The Beastmen re-release will almost certainly see me have to resurrect my Slaaneshi beastmen. Judging by the rumours over on Warseer the beasties are shaping up to be a good army again. Hopefully we'll start to hear a little bit more on them soon! :D