Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WHFB News Update - Chaos Dwarfs and Lizardmen!

In the spirit of sharing more of the random WHFB related news and information I come across here are a couple of things I have been looking at this morning.

First up we have The Word of Hashut - the Chaos Dwarfs Online webzine.

Issue #5 is their 1 year anniversary and I have to say the production value of this ezine is damn fine. Lots of pictures, art, and a good layout that is tastefully done in the style of Chaos Dwarfs. I'm not sure I love the double page spreads but it does add a bit of "real" magazine feel to the project. If the intention is to keep WoH as an ezine it might be nice to see it adopt the more typical landscape orientation. All in all these are minor complaints and the quality of the content in this issue makes up for any of these perceived shortcomings (not a Dwarf pun I swear!).

One other thing I really like to see is the WoH staff's commitment to other WHFB communities around the net. Including them in their ezine helps create a sense of camaraderie that is often missing from WHFB related sites on the internet.

I really enjoyed reading this new issue and I am looking forward to the next! If I wasn't already working on so many unfinished army projects I might even start a Chaos Dwarf force of my own!

In other news, Games Workshop has released the long awaited Lizardmen FAQ from the new book released earlier this year. I don't have a lot to say about the FAQ at the moment as I haven't had a chance to really study it, but my initial reaction is simple:

GROW A PAIR GW! Just tell us what you wanted the rules to be damnit! Things such as "We handle it by discussing what we think should happen, and then rolling off if an immediate answer isn't forthcoming" DO NOT HELP.

No shit! That is what everyone does! That is what we always do when we encounter one of your ridiculous rules that conflicts with itself in the same damn sentence! These FAQs are your chance to fix your mistakes. Use them to do that not cloud the issue with a bunch of "we think it should be this" statements!

I'm sure there are more outrages to be had if I delve deeper into the FAQ but I think I will leave this topic alone for now as it is terribly frustrating for me. I can't be the only one who is driven nuts by this lack of attention to detail. Are there any particular GW rulings or FAQ/Errata comments that drive you nuts?


Anonymous said...

How about their explanation as to why Slann only have large target line of sight when in a unit of temple guard.. They can't make their palanquin float when not surrounded by lizards? They aren't carried by temple guard they levitate it with their minds.. it was almost as if they got someone who had never read the army book to answer the faq

Randroid said...

I think the original rule was pretty dumb to begin with but I see your point. Overall the tone of this FAQ was just way too casual and "yeah man .. like .. whatever". Almost as if they didn't realize they were answering FAQ questions or something.