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Ogre Kingdoms - Basics for Beginners: Characters

In today's update I am going to take a look at the basic Character choices for the Ogre Kingdoms. The Ogre Kingdom army really depends heavily on it's character selections to win. Much like Vampire Counts, Warriors of Chaos, and Tomb Kings don't be surprised if you spend 1/4 to a 1/3 of your total points on them.

Ogre Kingdoms - Basics for Beginners: Characters


Tyrant: One of the nastiest close combat models in the game, most people don't want to tangle with this guy and will try their best to take him out from a far, or by throwing bigger/scarier/killier things at him.
Strengths - 5 5 5 is the number of the Tyrant. Keep him alive and plowing through the enemy and you will do just fine. His Leadership of 9 helps with any nearby leadership tests that need to be made so be careful if you run him solo.
Weaknesses - Like all Ogres you have to watch out for missile fire (both shooting and magic). While the Tyrant is a damn fine Close Combat machine don't get too crazy with the charge or challenge. There are plenty of things out there that can do him harm (especially magic weapons that do multiple wounds)!
Upgrades - Heavy Armour is a must, and don't be afraid to max out his magic item allotment - I will go over the magic items in my next update. If you stick with the mundane selections go with the Cathayan Longsword or Great Weapon and Brace of Handguns. A Luck Gnoblar is good if you have a Wyrdstone as well, but don't bother with the Sword Gnoblars unless you have extra points to spend; they rarely cut it.

Slaughtermaster: It is pretty rare to see this guy in play as he is a Lord choice and can only be fielded in armies with a Tyrant. That makes him a good choice for 3000+ point games and that is about it. He is a Butcher in all other regards (except for being lvl 4 instead of lvl 2) and I will cover that below.


Bruiser: Your "mini-tyrant" and default general up to 2000 points.
Strengths - Good in close combat, can be your BSB.
Weaknesses - Low leadership for a general but still one of the highest in the OK book.
Upgrades - Same as the Tyrant for the most part. Heavy Armour is a must, and don't be afraid to max out his magic item allotment. If you stick with the mundane selections go with the Cathayan Longsword or Great Weapon and Brace of Handguns.

Hunter: You won't find many OK generals using the Hunter as he is fairly expensive, takes up a Character slot (that could be a Butcher or BSB), and has a lot of quirks.
Strengths - Can be a really good flanker, with the threat of a lot of damage from his harpoon crossbow. Allows you to take an additional unit of Gnoblar Trappers!
Weaknesses - Cats are pricey and can only charge out from the Hunter in pursuit. The Hunter cannot be the army general, and he is vulnerable to missile fire (gee, who isn't in this army!?).
Upgrades - Longstrider can be useful if you want quick flankers, Greyback Pelt is nice if you expect to get into close combat, Beastkiller is nice if you are going Monster hunting. The sabertusks are good for adding unit strength and chasing things down, but don't send them off on their own or they will most likely be shot to pieces.

Butcher: Think of him as a high point cost buff to all of your other Ogre units in addition to some magic defense. In lists under 1500 many people shy away from the Butcher but if you run into a lot of magic you will probably want to take at least 1, if not 2. Sadly he can't be the army general which can make his cost prohibitive in some instances.
Strengths - Gut Magic is great for buffing your units and played right it can really give your opponent a headache if they don't have a lot of magic of their own.
Weaknesses - Very little defense and he will hurt himself a lot. If he dies all of his spells in play go away so try to keep him safe! Gut Magic is just as likely to hurt the Butcher as help your other units so be aware of the risks before you cast!
Upgrades - Bangstick, Skullmantle, and Siegebreaker are the standard magic items for the Butcher (along with Dispel Scrolls of course). Don't take Luck Gnoblars and be sure you understand how Tooth Gnoblars work before you spend the points on them. The +1 is added before the spell is attempted so it can still be dispelled, or even miscast!

Well that is all for the basics for each Character option in the OK book. Like most characters in WHFB the magic items are what really matter and those will be covered in my next update! As always if you have any comment or thoughts of your own regarding the OK Characters I would love to hear them!

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