Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vampire Counts fighty 1,500 versus Warriors of Chaos.

Well I was supposed to play a 1,500 point game against Warriors of Chaos with my Vampire Counts today but it looks like that may be postponed until later this weekend. In the meantime I thought I would share this "fighty" VC list I was planning on bringing against the WoC. Trying out a few new things (for me) before I decide on what sort of "final" 2,250 list I will be working towards.

HEROES: (570)
Vampire - Nightmare, Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Book of Arkhan, Sword of Battle (208)
Vampire - Beguile, Dread Knight, Blood Drinker (190)
Wight King - Skeletal Steed, Lance, Heavy Armor, Shield, BSB, Banner of the Barrows (172)

The Level 2 Vamp will be my general and live in with the Grave Guard unit. His job will be to stay close enough to use his bound Van Hel's on the units which need it, IoN wounds, and other general magic mayhem. The mount is for the extra armor save and bonus attack. The plan here is to accept the challenge the WoC characters/champs have to make with the Grave Guard champ and use the extra attacks from the mount and sword of battle to kill RnF troops.

The second Vamp lives in with the Black Knights and the Wight King BSB. With a reroll to hit from the hatred banner of the unit, and a potential reroll to wound from Beguile, I am hoping to maximize the Blood Drinker to restore any lost wounds to the characters or the unit. If I can get the charge this Vamp and his unit should be able to cut through most things.

The Wight King brings the +1 to hit for the Black Knights and himself, plus his higher toughness and wound count will hopefully make up for his relatively low armor save.

CORE: (240)
Crypt Ghouls x 10 (80)
Crypt Ghouls x 10 (80)
Crypt Ghouls x 10 (80)

Minimal core, may swap out one unit of Ghouls for a unit of Zombies but the Ghouls have a better chance of tearing through Marauders - especially with some help from Van Hel's.

SPECIAL: (514)
Grave Guard x 16 - Heavy Armor, Shield, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Dead Legion (247)
Black Knights x 8 - Nightmare, Heavy Armor, Shield, Lance, Musician, Standard, Champ, Royal Standard of Strigos (267)

Grave Guard have the Unit Strength x 2 banner plus full command for support of the Lvl 2 Vamp. Black Knights bring the Hatred banner to stack with the +1 to hit of the Wight King for maximum damage on the charge. Unit should have a static CR of 4 against most units (rank, banner, BSB, and outnumber).

RARE: (175)
Varghulf (175)

I have yet to try out the Varghulf as he doesn't really fit with my theme of Skeletons/Army of the Dead. Wanted to see how he does and if I should consider a conversion of some kind to include him in my 2,250 list.

Total: 1,499 (of 1,500 points)

Would love to hear any comments or questions you may have regarding this list! This is a "new" direction for my VC army and one that I have not experimented with too much. Any help is appreciated.

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