Sunday, July 26, 2009

Skrag list update and Chaos Dwarfs at Chicago Gamesday!?

Quick update from the tournament I attended yesterday at BattleForge: Skrag and co. kicked ass! I went undefeated with two Massacres and one Solid Victory against one VC and two WoC lists.

Highlights from Game One vs WoC (fairly balanced list w/ a mix of troop blocks and cav)
  • This game was the one where Skrag scored the most kills for the day - a total of 8 models.
  • 3 Gorgers came in on turn 2 and tied up the two large troop blocks of Marauders and Warriors.
  • Skrag and the Butchers dominated the magic phase killing 5 Chaos Knights with Bonecruncher.
  • Scraplauncher scored a direct hit on a unit of Chaos Warriors and killed a total of 9 with only 3 coming from Killing Blow.
  • Trappers lured a Chaos Sorc, Chaos Spawn, unit of Hounds, and a unit of Horsemen into a woods for most of the game.

Highlights from Game Two vs VC (hard list with a VC Lord on Abyssal Terror w/ Frostblade and Red Fury plus Beguile plus a huge Deathstar of Black Knights w/ two Wight Kings)
  • My goal for this game was to not have Skrag killed by the Frostblade.
  • Managed to destroy the Black Knight Deathstar on turn 2 after being charged by it on turn 1 due to irresistible Van Hel's.
  • Skrag managed to stay in combat with the VC Lord for 3 turns, dealing 4 wounds to the mount and rider before finally failing the last vital Regen save and dying to Frostblade.
  • Gorgers proceeded to trap the VC Lord and kill him with Killing Blow - mount crumbled due to CR.
  • Game ends as a Massacre for me!

Highlights from Game Three vs WoC (hard list with a Gateway spamming Tz Daemon Prince)
  • Turn 1 my opponent kills Skrag with irresistible force Gateway.
  • I proceeded to crush the remainder of his army with only the Daemon Prince alive at the end of the game.
  • Scraplauncher runs from Terror causing Daemon Prince only to stop 1/8" away from the table edge and rally on a 5 during the next turn.

So all in all it was a good day! I really like this Skrag list but as this was a "Hobby" tournament the lists were supposed to be more friendly. Not sure how well this list would do against some of the nastier things out there (monster mash type armies for instance) but all the games I played were really fun, even when it looked like I was going to lose on Turn 1.

In other news .... Chaos Dwarfs were confirmed at the Games Workshop Chicago Gamesday!?

I want to believe - but is this the previously rumored "non-human" race to be added to the game? Until we get more solid information I remain skeptical. Besides, GW has plenty of other armies they could work on updating before adding a new one (HINT HINT).

UPDATE: Read this thread over on Chaos Dwarfs Online and it seems the mention of CD at Gamesday might have been blown a bit out of proportion?

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