Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Games Workshop adds archived White Dwarf articles to website.

Check out the new White Dwarf archive on the GW site! It has articles! Information! Wow!

You need to register on the GW site to view these articles but it is easy to do. The Warhammer articles are broken up into a few different sections:
  • Collecting
  • Modeling
  • Gaming
  • Painting
As of this writing there are only 17 WHFB related articles available (the majority of these are from within the last year) but I expect we will see a lot more in the coming months.

Sadly we have to deal with the terrible Games Workshop website layout to access this information, but kudos to GW for doing something to help their fan base for a change!


Sigmar said...

Hi Randroid,

We're always looking for keen Warhammer bloggers to join our forum and we like your style.

Please accept our invite to become part of the Battle Reporter community:-

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Randroid said...

Thanks for the invite! I have added the site as a link and I will take a poke around.

Sigmar said...

Hi Randroid,

Ok, well I hope we can hook up soon in the forum.

I couldn't see the link you mentioned but I've added your site the battle reporter blogroll in any case.

All the best and keep on hammering !