Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trolls! Gamezone releases new Chaos Troll models.

As you may or may not know I am a little bit obsessed with the Warriors of Chaos Trolls. Trolls! They are big and dumb. Trolls! They puke on everyone. Trolls! Mutant Regen gets them fun new things. Trolls! You never know what kind of game they'll bring.

I am still working towards having my very own monster-centric Troll list at some point in the future, and I have played quite a few proxy games with the Throgg and his Chaos Troll companions. It is mostly a coin toss as to if you will win or lose with the Trolls but I always have fun playing with them and that is the most important thing for me.

The only problem I have with Chaos Trolls is their crappy GW model. I decided I was going to use Ogre, Gorger, and Spawn bits to fashion my own "Trolls" for use on the table but then Gamezone Miniatures has to go and ruin everything by releasing these bad boys:

Hell, you could even use these as Yhettees or Gorgers in an Ogre Kingdoms army and be doing well! I wish they looked a little less hairy but overall I am impressed with their Trollish bad looks.

While we are on the topic of Trolls, here is a quick and dirty Monster/Troll list I came up with for 2,250. I dropped all magic and magic defense to focus on straight Monster brutality. I really want to give this a shot sometime soon and see how it fares against some of the nastier lists out there.
LORDS: (605)
Kholek Suneater (605)

HEROES: (175)
Throgg the Troll King (175)

CORE: (540)
Trolls x 3 (135)
Trolls x 3 (135)
Trolls x 3 (135)
Trolls x 3 (135)

Chaos Warhounds x 5 (30)

SPECIAL: (693)
Dragon Ogres x 3 - Great Weapons (231)
Dragon Ogres x 3 - Great Weapons (231)
Dragon Ogres x 3 - Great Weapons (231)

RARE: (205)
Hellcannon (205)

Total Points: 2,248 (of 2,250)
Dragon Ogres will stay near Kholek - Trolls near Throgg. Hopefully their Ld bonuses will overlap enough to deal with the Stupidity. Hellcannon is there as a random source of problems for my opponent. I don't really care what it does as long as it is killing things or being an active threat. Hounds are throwaway fast cav blockers, bait, or flank guards for whichever side needs it. Possibly even a screen for the Dragon Ogres.

I considered adding two Shaggoths to this list but I just can't see them being worth the points! You can get more attacks with Dragon Ogres for less points and they don't take up a Rare slot. Anybody have any luck with them?


Matt said...

for fun you should drop the cannon and the hounds for for 3 more dragon ogres or even more trolls!

SinSynn said...

I've been lurking around your blog for a few weeks, and I gotta say I admire your passion for the Ogres.
From what I understand (I play 40k-sorry-but I dabble with fantasy), they are like the least popular army around.
I play Tau in 40k, and due to codex creep I'm one of the few folks around who stick with a 'losing,4th edition' army. No, wait. I'm the ONLY Tau player I know. Everyone else has moved on to 5th edition armies.
In fact, 40k has become so annoying I've been plotting a Fantasy army. Unfortunately, my heart tells me to build wood elves. Like your 'thing' with the Trolls, I have a 'thing' about the Wood Elf models, the fluff, the fact that they're shooty and fast-like Tau!- and, unfortunately, that they suck. I have a 'thing' for hard luck armies.
I've heard that, like my Tau, if you learn the Wood Elves, they can be deadly. Same with Tau-I'm very good with them now, so maybe I could make good.
But my head says build a Chaos Demon army and go cheese people, 'cuz that's what people are doing with 40k and the new codexes, and from the amount of Chaos Demon/Warrior and Dark Elf armies I see playing fantasy, the same thing is happening.
But you, sir, are a shining example of the fact that following one's heart leads to the important thing- having FUN. You love your damn Trolls and Ogres and you roll with it. Bravo to you, sir.
I think this 'fantasy army' building plot (for it IS a plot. If the missus finds out....) deserves a good mulling over a few drinks. Love the name of this blog, BTW.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Randroid said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

@ Matt: I considered doing just that but seeing as I will likely convert/kitbash the Dragon Ogres I didn't relish the idea of doing an additional 3.

Besides I like the totally random nature of the Hellcannon and it is crewed by the only Chaos Dwarfs in the game right now!

@ SinSynn: The man who got me into WHFB/40k played Tau and Wood Elves so I can see the connection there. They play in a similar style to be honest.

Would you be running a mix of spirits and elves or going all elf or all spirit? I considered an all spirit WE list for awhile, I really like the Dryad models and it can be a really hard hitting list.

My best advice for choosing an army is to make lists, play them (proxy before you buy anything) and find the army that is the most fun for you.

I could care less that Ogres aren't the "winningest" army out there for WHFB right now. I really like the models and I have fun (mostly) playing with them. I would avoid going for "cheese" just because you want to win. At least for me winning isn't everything (although I do have to remind myself of that when I am losing game after game during tourneys).

SinSynn said...

I actually just purchased the wood elves codex (is it codex or army book in Fantasy?), and got a copy of the rule book, so I'm not actually pose a good question. I shall have to hit the internets for a Wood Elf site and research army builds........I've only seen them played once, and it was a light cavalry style build. That's when I saw the models, and got that feeling..
But the driads are cool as well, and I do enjoy 'elite' style builds.
Well I guess I'll have plenty of time to think about it, as I'll have to buy models like 1 or 2 at a time so wifey doesn't kill me...
Thanks again and keep up the good work..