Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ogre Kingdoms - Skrag the Slaughterer 2,250 list.


Skrag the Slaughterer (400)

HEROES: (524)
Bruiser – BSB, Heavy Armor, Luck Gnoblar, Wyrdstone Necklace, Greedy Fist (189)
Butcher – Siegebreaker, Skullmantle (180)
Butcher – Bangstick (155)

CORE: (310)
Bulls x 3 – Bellower (115)
Bulls x 3 – Bellower (115)
Gnoblar Fighters x 21 (42)
Gnoblar Trappers x 8 (48)

SPECIAL: (465)
Gorger (75)
Gorger (75)
Gorger (75)
Gorger (75)
Scraplauncher (165)

RARE: (540)
Maneaters x 3 – Great Weapon, Heavy Armor (270)
Maneaters x 3 – Great Weapon, Heavy Armor (270)

Total Points: 2,249 (of 2,250)

So here it is, my 2,250 Skrag list. I decided to go "light" on the Gorgers and only take 4 (of the possible 8). While 8 could be truly devastating I think 4 gets the job done and then some. 6 might be a way to go but that would mean dropping a unit of Maneaters or perhaps the BSB.

Things I like about this list:
  • It is fighty (all OK lists are but this one especially).
  • It can actually use Gut Magic (although it can still be shut down with scrolls and mages).
  • It has Terror and ItP/Stubborn units.
Things I do not like about this list:
  • It doesn't have a lot of units (and the few that are on the board cost a lot).
  • It has unpredictable units (2 potential bickers, 1 frenzy, and 1 Scraplauncher).
  • It does not have a lot of protection against shooting (and it gets shot quite a bit).
I have played with this list twice now (one win and one draw) and I am still undecided on a few things. The BSB has his uses but overall I feel the points might be better spent elsewhere. I don't want to run a third Butcher so that leaves me with a few options:
  • Give him the Tenderiser (for a unit with the Siegebreaker Butcher for max magic GW madness).
  • Drop him from the list and add two units of Leadbelchers (would require losing the Bellowers on the Bulls as well)
  • Drop him and add two more Gorgers (with a few points left for another unit of Gnoblar Fighters perhaps).
  • Drop him and add another Scraplauncher (which I would probably do if I had the model).
Playing this list in a local tourney at BattleForge Games this weekend so hopefully that will help me decide on a direction to go with. Would love to hear any comments or suggestions so if you have some please leave me a message!


Darth Weasel said...

I love seeing the thought process behind why you do or do not include various units. Very illuminating.

With their low LD, do the Ogres have any way of making non-Maneater units Stubborn ?

Randroid said...

Yeah with one of the Gut Magic spells called Toothcracker. In addition to making a unit Stubborn it gives them T +1! The best spell outside Trollguts which is MR2 and Regen.

Thanks for the comment!