Monday, February 25, 2013

Progress Report 2/25/13 - Homeward bound?

Holy crows it is already almost the end of February!? Where oh where has time gone...

This month I have spent very little time on anything hobby related. New Warriors of Chaos? Sounds rad but I haven't even seen the cover of the new book. Then new Daemons? Mneh... not really a DoC player or fan.Michigan Beer Fest!? Didn't get a chance to go this year...

So what have I been doing? Not much... besides buying a house!? Yeah. Started the process early this month and at this point (today) we have submitted all of our loan approval paperwork on a house we intend to buy and move into sometime in April. DAMN THAT IS CRAZY!!! Now it is the waiting game to see if our loan is approved and to work out some small details with the seller.

Freaking out a little bit but mostly in good ways. New house has tons of character, nice neighborhood, huge garage and attached shop (for woodworking or other stuff), nice yard with a fence, and plenty of space in the basement for nerd hideout pursuits like setting up miniature wargaming tables on a more permanent basis. Oh yeah and it's close to folks who brew beer and can help me get that rolling again here in my hometown. So... all in all it is damn fine news !

I had hoped to finish up my (long) drawn out Blood Bowl Orc team this month and if you asked me at the beginning of last week I would have said I had failed at that. Then... voila! I slapped some paint on them in record time this week. And they don't look too bad either? Still thinking about how to finish the details (numbers, bases, spot colors, decals?) but here is where they stand today:

The mob with just basecoats applied.
Blitzers! Really happy with how the metal turned out.

Black Orcs! The metal was a bit of a happy accident.. or instinctual?
Giant Orc (Troll) and Thrower! I like the poses here a lot.

I didn't grab photos of the Lineorcs but they haven't changed much from the test models I did way back last year. Still no Goblin for the team though I will keep my eye out for a good addition. That's all for now! Off to play one of the last regular season KUBBL 3 games now. Wish me luck!

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Axtklinge said...

Nice team, congrats!
Oh, and that Troll is seriously cool!