Monday, February 11, 2013

Dog Bowl 2013.

Dog Bowl 2013 presented by KUBBL is done and in the books! Thanks to everyone who came out and played 4 rounds of Blood Bowl at Marmalade Dog here in Kalamazoo, MI. It was a fun time and hopefully the start of a new BB tournament tradition?

View from the convention floor. Back corner for Blood Bowl whoo!
DarkOrk20 won the Junkyard Dog award for most Casualties (and he got his winning one in a game against me)
Valdric took home the coveted Hind Dog pile of plastic poop for his last place victory (thanks to me winning my fist game against him)
flyingdingle took home the Greyhound award for the most Touchdowns (he scored 7 against Valdric)
Delevus won Second Place with his Necromantic assault on the other contestants.
And the winner of Dog Bowl and Best In Show was Rowdiekatie with her Dwarfs (and yeah she beat me too)

I brought a Necromantic version of the Zlurp Out-casts and ended up the day with 1 win, 1 tie, and 2 losses (or something like that). My day started off like this against Rowdiekatie:

That's both Werewolves and some Zombies partying in the KO box (right after I took this photo they were joined by a Flesh Golem and both Wights who luckily passed their Regen rolls and came back into the game). Then I ended my day like this against DarkOrk20:

That's pretty much my whole team in the KO box then both Wights and a Werewolf were taken out and didn't manage a Regen roll. Those counting at home may notice that is 9 players from my roster of 12. This was the start of the second half vs Norse. 

All in all I can say my incredibly crappy luck came out to play big time and stuck with me all day... except in my game vs Valdric's Halflings where I killed two Treemen and almost took out Deeproot after dismantling the Halflings and getting him down to just a couple players. Even though my other games were tragic and made me sad I was quite happy to finally beat my own personal mini-boss and arch nemesis Valdric. Until we meet again (at the next tournament Chromatic Cup)...


Tristan M said...

sounds like a fun time! nice write up :)

Axtklinge said...

I second what Tristan said!

And one other thing, the fans of the "Zlurp out-casts" demand a long blog post featuring the entire team (pics) and possibly a bit of fluff to go with them!