Monday, February 4, 2013

KUBBL 3 - Round 4 Results.

Khorne R'Backs versus Fancybottom Lads started on a very sunny day with the initial kick going to the Khorne R'Backs. While the first block from Bloodgutter didn't go well (skull, both down, reroll, two both downs) the Khorne R'Backs still managed to beat down the Fancybottom Lads and get away with a cage. At one point there were 7 Wood Elf players in the KO box. Frustrated by the lack of remaining blocks the Khorne R'Backs score on Turn 7 and give the Fancybottom Lads their own two turns to return the score. After some quick maneuvering by the Wardancers the Fancybottom Lads tied it up and head into the second half with most of their team returning from the KO box.

The Fancybottom Lads receive a quick snap and quickly move into scoring position on turn 1. The Khorne R'Backs manage to push around the elves near the sideline but cannot keep the Blodging/Side Stepping madness of the Woodies from scoring again on Turn 2. After dropping a high kick the Khorne R'Backs manage to drive in a passing score on Turn 5 to tie the game after a few choice casualties (including Wardancer Colonel Hurtstrong with a -AG). Left with 3 turns left to score again for the win the Fancybottom Lads drop the ball near the line of scrimmage and give the Khorne R'Backs a chance to blitz in and take the ball. After 3 turns of balls bouncing out of and into the hands of the Woodies the game ends in a tie.


Axtklinge said...

Nice game report!
Woodies are a pain to keep away with all the move and AG, but you almost did it with those 7 KOs.
Its a pity they didnt stay there for the end of the match!
With only four games, your team already started to look quite tough!
Congrats for the SPP managment.

Randroid said...

Thanks! I was trying very hard to ensure I spread the SPP around as much as possible. It meant a couple ties now but I hope it will be worth it in the last half of the season.

The final half is a juggernaut of pain - season two bashy lizards, season two skilled up humans, and a season one undead team which is already quite nicely developed. Hoping I can come out on the other end with some players left to take into a second Chaos season!!

Axtklinge said...

Seems you're in for a tough end season.
Anyway, those teams also have their share of "squishyness", so hopefully you'll get to make a few hits too.

Go R'Backs!