Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beer Review - Brewery Vicant Escoffier.

It's New Brew Thursday!!This time around we work through the archives back to just a few months ago when I first tried some tasty beer from Brewery Vivant by way of this collaboration...

Lost my photo of this beer! It looked quite similar though...

Brewery Vivant - Escoffier Bretta Ale

Beer Type: American Wild Ale

Appearance: A blue and silver Brewery Vivant 16 oz can contains a beer that is very clear and looks like apple juice! Beer poured very still with no real head to speak of. 

Smell: Maybe it is a trick of the eyes and nose but I swear I smell sweet apples like apple juice. Some nice yeast funk in there too with just a hint of malt.  

First Drink: Again with the apples, tart green ones in the flavor, but tart with a nice crispness that reminds me of a cider. A little of the yeast and fermented flavors coming through too.    

Very smooth, crisp bite, with a dry finish. Not that much in the way of carbonation.   

Last Drink: Well you can't taste the alcohol so take that for what you will! No bitterness either, but there is a good deal more wild funk as the beer warms.   

Drinkability: Refreshing with powerful drunk making flavors. What more can you ask for out of a beer?!

Notes: This beer was a very limited Michigan only release in collaboration with New Belgium Brewing. The main yeast is from Michigan (a Belgium) while the wild yeast comes from New Belgium in Colorado. Crazy! I love the idea of  collaborators brewing!     

Verdict: 4.75 out of 5. A fantastic and interesting wild yeast beer... in a can!? I will try to buy more of this before it goes away to save for a rainy day!     

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