Monday, February 18, 2013

KUBBL 3 - Round 6 Results.

Played round 6 due to some schedule shakeups. Round 5 still to come!

The game started with a kickoff to the Red Cedar Riots which resulted in a touchback - moving 6 spaces from the center of the pitch and over the line. This was after the weather was rolled which came up as Sweltering Heat (this didn't come into play again until the second half).

The Red Cedar Riots quickly moved up the field and positioned their receivers to score. A few pillow handed blocks by the Khorne R'Backs put the pressure on the Red Cedar Riots and eventually caused them to throw a not ideal long pass. The pass was almost fumbled but then thrown then almost caught and then dropped. After a timely injury on Sharpuss the Red Cedar Riots used this advantage to recover the ball and score on turn 7 of the first half. After rolling on the heat a couple Red Cedar Riots players were exhausted but came in after the half ended. The kick off result was a RIOT brought on by the rowdy Red Cedar Riots fans which left the Khorne R'Backs with only one turn to score. With nothing to do they passed the ball around a little and took some blocks but their gentle hands failed to do any damage.

The second half began with two Khorne R'Backs players leaving the field due to the heat - Maim Fist'r and Bloodgutter both watched from the bench for the entire second half. Meanwhile the Red Cedar Riots brought all their players back and were at full strength. Then kick off and the weather changes back to nice. Despite being down two players the Khorne R'Backs still managed to punch a hole through the Red Cedar Riots lines and make for the end zone with Eyecankhorne handling the ball. The Red Cedar Riots managed to scramble back to defend after a second (in two turns) double skulls block from Gutsqueeze Gnarlroc left their left flank open and they lost the ball. After a couple maneuvers the ball was easily taken back by Spittleslash who was then knocked down in the open as he made his way towards the end zone. Another pick up and almost dropped pass by Captain Kirka Sins to another almost caught but dropped ball left the Red Cedar Riots in a good position to score. Outmanned and unable to do a single KO or Armor Break the Khorne R'Backs were easily handled and lost the match 2-0 with only 1 measly casualty to show for their work.

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