Sunday, August 3, 2014

Progress Report 8/3/14 - Slow rolling... into the grave.

Well I am officially (statistically) half way to dead and another year older. Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it at the movies, making pizzas, drinking beers, and playing games. Not tabletop games (I wish!!) just some low impact board games like Carcassone and Shadow Hunters. I did get to spend just a tiny bit of time painting and assembling some minis too. 

Here is where things sit on the table at the moment...

This big guy was a pain to assemble
Hoping to paint him up for a painting competition in September
Look familiar?
A new addition to our Pathfinder Societies party
Just working on base coats here
Dwarf Cleric on Sarenrae done except the base
I like how it turned out
I wanted to give the red a softer tone
Not so soft there is the Gnome Barbarian
I like painting bright orange hair!
Human (was Dwarf) Druid
Kinda looks like a Ranger but whatever!
Halfling Rogue ready for action
If by action you mean missing a lot of backstabs
Goblin conversion for a BB secret weapon (chainsaw)
I like the chainsaw on a stick idea
A goblin chucking explosives
Another conversion for BB secret weapon action
Need to get all these finished plus a commission that just rolled in all in the next few weeks! Should be a busy bit of painting time. Really itching to finish my Mordheim band as well and I think I might compete in a WHFB tournament in a few months which means I need to finish and/or repaint and touch up one of my armies. Probably my Vampire Counts though the Ogres are tempting me...


Furry said...

I have the Trollcast version of that troll piece and it was much easier to assemble but the sculpt on the metal looks to have better detail. I can't wait to see the finished model.

Randroid said...

I need to get some paint on him quick!