Saturday, August 23, 2014

Progress Report 8/23/14 - Gnobbin' along.

Just a quick update - spent some time the past couple days building a Gnoblar Hero for the Ogre Stronghold Gnoblar Hero competition! Gnoblars are awesome. Still thinking of a name and backstory for this little guy.

I'll use him as a unit filler for Gnoblars in my Ogre Kingdoms army later on as needed. I also spent a little time throwing paint on my Vampire warband leader for Mordheim. Just blocking out the colors.

Hope to get in a practice game next week assuming my allergies don't get the better of me... my eyes are burning and inflamed!! Makes painting tricky but I make do. Until next time...

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Furry said...

I like the cape on the Gnoblar, Good stuff,