Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Progress Report 8/6/14 - Malal beckons...

What twisted madness is this!? WHFB!? Warriors!? Malal!?!!

For some reason I felt compelled to pick up two test minis from a couple years ago when I started working on my Malal WoC force and slap some touch ups and Malal themed black/white on them. The results are as follows...

Things I know about these minis... I have improved as a painter since two years ago and I can't spend too much time on each rank and file mini in the army if I ever want to finish (and I do). I think these tests are a compromise between the two. Decent quality for the time spent. I've learned some things I want to do differently on the next painted minis (particularly the Warriors). 

For those who don't know Malal I recommend this article over on the Realm of Chaos blog. orlygg does a fantastic job of covering the history of this lesser known Chaos God as well as unearthing some unknown lore and information in the process. 

My take on this WoC Malal force is simple... his followers are secretive. They are unknown among the ranks of the various faithful and when called upon they quickly cover themselves in the colors of their god (bisected black and white) and go to war in his name. The army will not feature iconography of the other Chaos Gods nor will it contain any god-centric units (like the awesome Khorne monster cav). Each unit will look like a mish-mash of different warriors from different regions... or at least that is my hope! In place of Marauders I will be using Beastmen as they are natural followers of Malal. I will also work in some Hellcannons (Chaos Dwarf mercenaries for hire) and probably some monsters like Trolls and Ogres. Ultimately the one unifying theme is the lack of theme and the focus on the variety united. 

With that in mind I added a few Beastmen to the existing unit I started a couple years back and figured it was about time to get a standard in there!

Still some GS work needed for his severed head shoulder pad, some hair on the mini, and to tie the braided skulls and hair into the standard on the back. Digging the look though! 

Here is the unit as it stands now. I hope to add some Minotaurs and other stuff to the unit to make it really big - including another 20 or so Beastmen! 

The short burst of WHFB centered modeling and painting has me quite fired up for the game and I am thinking about registering for an upcoming winter tournament event as well! Perhaps it will be a good reason to get my WoC done or perhaps to pull out the much neglected VC or Ogres?!

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Furry said...

I think you jump around more than I do :)

I like the Malal theme, very different.