Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Progress Report 8/20/14 - Saw on a stick.

Been a busy couple of week for me with not too much time to paint or build miniatures (and no time to game). Did manage to knock out a commission paint job in just a couple days with pretty good results. It was for a half-orc assassin type character in a Pathfinder Societies game at GenCon. Good to finally make it to the convention in some form!

Client asked for a mini painted in all blacks and yellows. Very challenging for me as I don't think I paint those colors very well and they take time. I was happy with the balance of the mini and the way I managed to avoid the "bumblebee" effect. This mini was originally a vampire character but I think it looks suitably orcish too! If it was my mini I would have cut off the pointy bat shaped ears. I did learn a new recipe for dark black which I will use on my Grave Guard and other skeledudes for the upcoming Nagash vampire madness in WHFB!!

Meanwhile I spent time painting some Goblin/Gnoblar secret weapons for the Bulltimore Bullies to field in the upcoming Chaos Cup.

Just the basecoats and washes on these minis for the most part. I did spend some time today getting the skin layered up a bit. Looking forward to getting these guys into some Blood Bowl! Blowing up people with bombs and attacking them with chainsaws is always fun (on the pitch).

Oh yeah and this cyclops/big guy is getting some love too.

Lots of work to do here. If it turns out at all decent I will enter him in a painting competition taking place during Chaos Cup this year for best painted Impact! miniature.

And then there were the beasts... calling my name... a few new additions to the herd. It's growing!

Will they get any paint before I switch over to my VC army in preparation for Nagash!? We'll see..

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