Monday, July 21, 2014

Progress Report 7/21/14 - Finding the Path...

Back in the painting saddled after time away for gaming at Zlurpee Bowl and working on Mordheim Undead warband minis and a few new Pathfinder characters for a home game I am running with a few friends. Also picked up Dreadball for cheap so I will either start playing that game or maybe just build and paint up the minis to sell. We'll see.... in the meantime here is some progress!

Re-painted Dire Wolf
Dead and creepy
Warband's Necromancer
Wanted to keep the blacks black
Happy with the book and skull details
Look into their eyes
Halfling Rogue
Furry feet increase stealth
Dwarf Cleric of Sarenrae
Red and gold with a flaming weapon
Dwarf Druid
First try at a camo cloak
Gnomish Barbarian
Small but mighty
Start of a Deadzone Plague test color scheme
I kinda like the gross pink and green combo
Next up I have more RPG minis to paint including some additional commissions. Hoping to get some more Deadzone terrain built up too but this month is flying by! We'll see...

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