Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beer Review - Zlur-piss (Zlurpus 10th Anniversary Brew)

Jeffro's Basement - Zlur-piss Green India Pale Ale

Beer Type: Green American IPA - ??? ABV

Appearance: 12 oz brown bottle and with a label featuring a rampaging undead zombie halfling on it. Not much else going on. A QR code that takes you to someone flipping tables. Beer poured a foamy "mint flavored" piss green color that was both too dark and too light in color to be anything natural. Drank it out of a hot pink plastic cup so I have no idea what color it changed to under that foamy head (that never went away).

Smell: Hops and halfling piss.                

First Drink: Bitterness comes on strong quickly followed by something that can only be classified as "Dubinski DNA". 

Mouthfeel: Slick and a little oily but it has a bit of body too (or little bits of body anyway).           

Last Drink: The dirty feet flavor is really coming through now.          

Drinkability: I had one and I felt drunk as shit. Then I just felt like shit. The next day I couldn't move and I think I might have shat out a lump of green halfling guts.               

Notes: Super limited edition brew courtesy of Main Guy and Xtreme from the Zlurpcast in honor of Zlurpus and his 10th un-birthday.                 

Verdict: ??? out of 5. Cannot be classified. I'll let you know if a few years what the results of drinking this turned out to be.

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Mattias Darrow said...

Best beer review yet :).