Monday, July 14, 2014

Zlurpee Bowl X Tournament Pre-recap.

While I initially intended to blog about the event as it was happening (and fresh in my head) the hotel wi-fi conspired against me (or perhaps it was blogger) so you'll have to settle for a couple post-event recaps dredged from my soggy brains after 2 days of almost non-stop gaming. 

Another year and another Zlurpee Bowl event is done and dusted. I wasn't able to attend ZB9 due to a scheduling conflict at work so I was really excited to make it to the 10th annual Zlurpee Bowl tournament this past weekend July 11th through 13th. While the actual Blood Bowl event was only on Saturday and Sunday we started the weekend of gaming off right... with pre-game games and drinking at Xtreme's home on Friday night. 

Death Roller racing in the dungeon courtesy of flyingdingle
After the initial shots of tequila and pre-game beers were settled we got into a few games of Lunch Money and Let's Kill before celebrating Zlurpus and his 10th annual un-birthday with cake. 

While I left my Gnoblar Death Roller at home (which was a bummer) I was able to find a suitable replacement in one Sasquatch mini painted up by Xtreme and took the field against 7 other opponents (some of which were also assorted big guys in the place of Death Rollers). The game was played to 2 laps and my insane strategy of 2 to 3 GFI per turn paid off big as I quickly took the lead and almost lapped the rest of the competition. Instead of letting me win and ending the 2 hours of game we had already played the sneaky Siggylama (of the Siggylama show fame) decided it was a better strategy to drive backward on the track and take me out on my way to victory.

While he wasn't successful in blocking me he was successful in forcing me to make 4 GFI (on a 2+, 3+, 4+, and 5+) to get his Snow Troll out of the way and sneakily iced up the track on the way in for the 4th GFI causing me to roll a 4 on a 5+ roll for success. After spinning out and crashing I had to start the final lap back at the start of the race facing the other competition who were just starting their second laps and quickly crashed into a wall and was out of the race for good. Not sure who eventually won as I got sucked into a world of King of Tokyo before heading back to the hotel to grab a few hours of sleep before the big event on Saturday.

Would the Zlurp Outcasts make it past table 20 in the event? Who would regret playing me only to have their game re-imagined in my head and put down to blog "history" for later reference? Check back later for more ZBX tournament recap to come.


Mattias Darrow said...

Sounds like a satisfying night of gaming.

Paul oftheManCave said...

"2 days of almost non-stop gaming" = AWESOME!!!!