Thursday, July 10, 2014

Headed off to Zlurpee Bowl X.

Hello! Goodbye! Headed off to Zlurpee Bowl X tomorrow morning where I intend to spend 3 days gaming away with nerd friends from all over. Blood Bowl in the tournament, some post Saturday Deadzone action, and who knows what else will be played in between!? 

For those curious I will be bringing the Zlurp Outcasts... my Necromantic team that I painted and have yet to play in any event aside from the first Dog Bowl (where they performed terribly and I lost every game I played if I remember correctly). This time around I hope for 1 W/3 T/1 L for the overall record but I would be happy with anything really. Just going to get some Blood Bowl in and have fun playing with my painted minis. 

Here is the roster I will be bringing along...


Werewolf x 2 - Block, Dodge
Wight x 2 - 1 Guard
Ghoul x 2 - Wrestle
Flesh Golem x 2 - Guard
Zombie x 3
Reroll x 1
Fan Factor x 3 

Perhaps I will attempt my first ever "post event day" updates and see how that goes?! Either way expect some sort of recounting of my experience at the 10th (10!!) Zlurpee Bowl event.