Sunday, January 13, 2013

Progress Report 1/13/13 - The Khorne R'Backs are ready for blood!

Wow that week went by fast! It seems like time has a way of speeding up when you least expect it. Last week I didn't manage to get too much done on the table. Finishing up the Khorne R'Backs for their KUBBL debut tomorrow against a team of dirty Norse known as Trondheim Steamroller coached by Tridriscoll. Not what I would have loved for a first match (looking at you squishy Wood Elves) but I am hoping I can hold out against the Block and get some CAS with the lower armor of the Norse. 

This season is turning out to be a potential bash-fest. We've got...
  • A second season Lizardmen team coached by Thorn one of the consistent league record holders and multiple champion of the KUB Bowl. This is the team that crushed my Vampires in my first season game last time around, forcing me to restart them right after the game. And that was without any skills! Now they have Block and Mighty Blow and Jump Up all over. Ugh.
  • A first season Undead team coached by Beaux who has won the last two championships with 1 season teams (Dwarfs and Skaven). He's a good coach who doesn't often make mistakes and has crazy good dice rolls and he's playing one of the best teams around in Blood Bowl... but for the first time. We'll see how that shakes out.
  • A second season Human team coached by Furry who has also won the KUB Bowl and also rarely makes mistakes. Furry usually loses to his own bad dice rolls which are almost as bad as mine at times. His team is skilled and looking pretty specialized. Hoping he loses a few of the key playmakers or  his team could be one to take it all.
  • New Norse, new Skaven, new Wood Elves, and new Dwarfs round out the remainder of the team. My record against Skaven and Wood Elves is spotty.. maybe 50/50. Against Dwarfs it is down right miserable.. probably something like 10/90. Plenty of Block and other nasty stuff in those remaining teams. 
So where does that leave me? Well... my models are mostly painted and my roster starts with no skills! That's a good thing right??

Kinda hard to read that... select the image to zoom in on details. The gist is this... started with all four Chaos Warriors and seven Beastmen. That left me just enough for three rerolls which should last me for quite awhile and help off-set the lack of starting skills. No Apoth and no Minotaur but my plan is to level up the Warriors ASAP, focusing on skill development over winning if need be early in the season.

Here's what the Khorne R'Backs looked like on the painting table this morning (as usual, apologies for the shoddy cell phone camera photos... I will get real ones once the are finished I promise):

Chaos Warriors as played by old Bloodletters with some modifications.
WIP Minotaur butt.
Blurry WIP Minotaur front
Beastmen as played by blurry Bloodletters.
Also on the painting table are the almost finished Horusburg Hackers my Khemri team. Just need to finish the bases and I am calling these guys done. 

Tomb Guardians with big weapon hands.

Blit-ras on the left and right and the Tho-ra in the middle.

Skeledudes looking tough and stuff.
And that's what we look like at the moment! Hoping to get some models sealed and the Minotaur done today. Then it's on to the final bloody details of the Khorne R'Backs but probably not in time for their first outing tomorrow. Wish them luck!


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Very nice team! Its great to see them complete after watching all your WIP posts.

I think you have a sensible roster there. Starting chaos is hard - really hard. Without the usual starting skills available you are going to take lumps, but getting the SPPs on players is the key, especially the Chaos Warriors. 2-3 seasons down the track Chaos is a powerhouse, so its worth it in the end

Go R'Backs!!!

Axtklinge said...

Really like the brown/red earth tones you're using on those R'Backs!
Very cool choice of minis (I really like how those bulkier letters fit the warriors spot, and the new flimsy plastic ones their beastmen counterparts).
I don't seem to recognise the Minotaur... is he converted?

As for the roster, I believe its a good starting one, and like Paul mentioned you'll probably struggle a bit while you get hold on the first couple of skills.
Let us know how the game went, I'll be cheering for the R'Backs!

Randroid said...

Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. I actually spent some more time with the Warriors last night giving them some highlights to make them even more badass looking!

@Paul - I am certainly into this team for the long haul. Figuring I will get two or three seasons under my belt with them before moving on again.

@Axtklinge - Glad you like the look! My camera/the lighting made them look more brown in those photos. They are based with a dark brown/red and I worked up from there but they do appear more red.

The Minotaur is a conversion from some unknown mini range. He had feet and was shorter with an axe or sword. I removed the weapon and his feet then built him up with some hooves and added some body part bits and the Khorne symbols. I wanted to make him look slightly "Bloodthirster" looking without having a huge model on the table.

First game is today! I'll be updating via Twitter so you can always check the side bar on the main page if you are curious how things are going.

Axtklinge said...

Congrats for the conversion then, it looks very cool!
If you ever find out the company that makes that mini range let us know.
Everyone needs another minotaur from time to time.