Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Warriors of Chaos pics SHAZAM

Nothing to see here... just shamelessly passing along images I saw posted on Dice and Brush (thanking you sirs). Now feast your eyes (all 5 of them) on THESE!!

Huzzah! Makes me excited! Excited to make miniatures to crush my non-existent opponents in non-existent games of WHFB!!! Most favorite - Dragon Ogres, the Tentacle hell thing (aka Mutalith Vortex Beast which is a much better name actually), Chariots, and Forsaken (even though the suck they will offer up lots of new modeling fun). Least favorite - Throgg. Why does he have a cape!? Totally not brutal enough. Looks like a dumb ass troll playing dress up. What do you think!?


Johan Märs said...

Thank you for the mention mate :) Regarding the models I pretty much think as you do, little unsure about the chariots but I think they will look better with an ordinary paintjob.

Love the Dragon Ogres more and more, really excited to paint some of them up. Just hoping they are good ruleswise in the new AB.

Axtklinge said...

Some very cool new models indeed!
I dont play for quite a long while but still am a big fan of Chaos both WFB and 40K (And BB for that matter).

Other than that I'm stuck more or less where you are, got an army but either no time or mates to use it.