Monday, January 28, 2013

KUBBL 3 - Round 3 Results.

Match started odd with sweltering heat coming up right away. Khorne R'Backs received Fan Factor +2 but lost the option to receive. The Elfa Males opted to receive but due to a couple of failed rolls quickly lost that advantage after moving the ball to the line of scrimmage. The Khorne R'Backs capitalized on this advantage and quickly took out the Elfa Males +S Catcher, then a few choice Knock Outs with chain pushes, and finally took possession of the ball before grinding the Elfa Males for another 7 turns. The Khorne R'Backs did take a cas due to a both down block that could have been a push (two dice uphill, Khorne R'Backs Coach Randroid opted for the chance to see BLOOD) which put them on the back foot a bit for a couple turns.

Second half the Khorne R'Backs received the ball but lost two players to the sweltering heat, leaving the two teams tied and losing their man advantage. After almost losing the ball due to a daring Elfa Males blitz Bitescum was able to break away with the ball and get into a safety position near the end zone. The Elfa Males began throwing their weight around, focusing their elven anger on the remaining chaos warriors, but failing to do any additional damage with the exception of a beastman. After another 8 turns of grinding the Khorne R'Backs scored again and clinched their victory.


Axtklinge said...

Another one in the bag, congrats!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Sweet Victory buddy - awesome!

reed Dexter said...

I would name your blog the dreamland! While Santa knocks at our door celebrity dresses, tattoo shops, climbing shoes just once per year, you blog is open the whole year – wow!