Monday, January 9, 2012

Played some Warhammer this past Sunday.

Yup. Been awhile. Like... a year or so? Figured it was time to give it a go again. Broke out the Beer Gut tribe and took them to war against Chaos. First list with the new Ogre Kingdoms book looked like this:

LORDS: 385
Slaughtermaster - Level 4, Greedy Fist, Fencer's Blades, Ruby Ring of Ruin (385)

Wanted to try out the big caster and the Greedy Fist and see what the hubbub is all about. The ring was there to ensure I had enough ranged magic for maximum fist potential. It was a scroll but I swapped it...

Bruiser - BSB, Lookout Gnoblar, Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Crown of Command, Luckstone (189)
Butcher - Level 2, Ironfist (138)

Butcher was my Maw caster and lived in the Ogres (err Bulls) while the BSB Bruiser hung out in the Ironguts with the Slaughtermaster. Goal was to hit the right unit at the right time... hard. Was not looking to get into any drawn out combats with Chaos Warriors.

CORE: 558
Ogres x 6 - Standard, Bellower, Ironfists (212)
Ironguts x 7 - Standard, Standard of Discipline, Bellower, Champion (346)

Solid core of Ogre backup and Irongut character bus at Ld 9 with a BSB reroll. Pretty standard stuff?

Leadbelchers x 4 - Bellower (182)
Sabertusk Pack x 1 (21)

Wanted to see how Leadies do in the new book. Mission accomplished.

RARE: 130
Gnoblar Scraplauncher (130)

I love my Scrappy! It used to be a dreaded sight among the WoC players of my past. Wanted to see how the new rules hold up in the current book.

Total Points: 1,598 of 1,600

Keeping in mind I don't own any of the new models (yet) I had to make do with what I have from my first purchases. The Beer Gut tribe is looking a little dark, dingy, and dusty. I am a much better painter overall now and it hurts to look at my first attempts at miniature painting. Oh well... everyone has to start somewhere I guess? Still, they looked pretty bad ass all lined up in the Sunday morning sun. 


My opponent's list was a pretty basic WoC list. Block of MoT Chosen with a BSB, Level 4 MoT Sorcerer Lord, two small blocks of MoK Warriors and a unit of MoK Chaos Knights. It was his first game of 8th and the first game he has played with the "new" Warriors of Chaos army book. Fun and learning all around!

I won the roll off and took the first turn. Moved up some Leadies on the flank across from his Knights, swung my lone Sabertusk around the opposite flank to threaten his Sorcerer Lord (just behind the Chosen unit in the center of the board), and moved my Scraplauncher into a firing position. First turn of the magic phase I cast Caress from Lore of Death on his Lord with my Slaughtermaster. He attempts to dispel and fails. I then roll a ridiculous number of hits and POOF the Lord is no longer a problem (knocked down to level 0). After that comes shooting where my Leadies blow all but one of his Chaos Knights of the board in one volley.

The rest of the game goes by fast as I wait for the right time before combo-charging a unit of Warriors, killing all but two of them with impact hits. I take two wounds on my Slaughtermaster before cutting down the remaining enemies and running past the encroaching Chosen threat. Leadies finish off the lone Chaos Knight and shoot another unit of Warriors in the butt while my Sabertusk march blocks the Chosen and keeps them away from the battle. My opponent concedes on turn 4. 

Fun (re)learning game and I learned a few things:
1. Leadbelchers can be pretty good now. 
2. The Greedy Fist + spell hits combo is dirty and makes me feel bad in my pants.
3. Warhammer 8th Edition can still be pretty fun and I should play it more often. 

Before I get back into my Ogres too heavily I have a date with some skeletons... and their new found bony friends. Coming soon!


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Always fun to rediscover an old army!

Lee Hadley said...

Its been years since I played Warhammer but I have fond memories. Unfortunately Memories (and one or two pictures) are all I have as I sold my Undead and dark Elf army to a friend....heresy!

Anonymous said...

Funny that. I have also done something similar, come back to the new edition after a break and see how I feel about it.
And I have quite enjoyed it. Even not knowing the rules back to front the games have gone a lot quicker, which is interesting.

Randroid said...

Looking forward to getting some more games in soon. I wish my town had a better place to play games and shop at... our FLGS is kind of falling apart. Makes me sad.

Turtle Tim said...

I really do enjoy how potent the leadbelchers have become. I loved the models in the last edition but got fed up with them misfiring, killing themselves, and panicking off the table.

That greedy fist/spell combo should make you feel dirty in your pants, haha. Your game actually proved the theory my local group had about it. I would only take it against a cutthroat, very competitive opponent, but not in a friendly beer/pretzels match.