Sunday, January 9, 2011

Progress Report 1/9/11 - WIPweek

Not a lot going on in the gaming department this week. Felt sick on Wednesday and my BB league game was canceled so I stayed home to get some painting done and sleep. In the end I got less painting and more sleeping done but I didn't get sick!

Just one week left to get these nuns painted to a basecoat/tabletop standard for my first BB tournament. Got the black and skin done and I am working on the red cloth now.

I also spent a little time sculpting some greenstuff on an Orc Blizter. It's a start anyways...

I need to add some more to the "fisty punchy thing" as it looks a bit crap right now. I might just take it off if I can't make it look better. The biggest thing was making sure the spiked shoulder pad looked attached and not just "floating" on this arm which I have accomplished.

For my "best theme" award from KUBBL II (for the Bulltimore Bullies) I received a cheerleader model to paint. Sadly she was missing one of her arms. I decided to add on an arm holding a gnoblar/snotling to replace it. Here is what I have so far:

I'm thinking about having the gnoblar/snotling holding the other pom pom but we'll see how it looks once she is holding him. The end result should be suitably Ogrish and disturbing.


Tristan said...

First BB tournament for the year or ever? Regardless - good luck!! Please post a tournament review, love reading them. :)

Randroid said...


I'll try to get a recap and maybe some pics up after the event.