Sunday, January 2, 2011

Progress Report 1/2/11 - Light box take two..

What is this!?! My first post of the new year isn't a resolutions post? Nope. I meant to get that one up yesterday but working and then playing Axis and Allies took up the remainder of my day.

Still messing around with my new light box. I think I got the lighting better this time around and the pictures are much clearer. Color looks good too. Not too jazzed on the composition (the Ogre is standing a bit wonky) but here are pictures from my Ogre Stronghold December painting pledge:

There! One Ogre done for my Blood Bowl team. I am pretty happy with how he turned out overall. Spent more time on the skin tone on this guy and I also worked hard to make the blood look "realistic" without being too overpowering. Can you make out his gold teeth under the gore? I also worked on my first ever "battle damage" on the numbered shoulder pad... wanted to give it a worn look. I think the results are pretty good. 
For my January painting pledge I am trying to have my Amazon Nun Blood Bowl team done to at least a three color standard for an upcoming tournament this month (Put A Ring On It - 1/15 near Chicago). So far I have started the black. Just a skin color, white, red (for some cloth), and gold to go! 

That's all for now! Hope your new year is off to a fantastic start and stop by later this week for my new year resolutions... a look back at what I accomplished last year and what I am aiming for this year.


Tim said...

Great pic. I just wrapped up painting my Ogre BB team not too long ago. I've been getting my butt kicked all season but I'm also playing against teams that are far more advanced than my own.

Here are the pics of my boys, The Great Maw Murder Faces.

Randroid said...

Great name and the models looks fantastic as well! Some nice poses there.