Sunday, January 23, 2011

Progress Report 1/23/11 - here come the Lizards.

Oi! Been a bit since I updated the ole blog. I've been quite busy this week with my hobby time. Just a quick list of "accomplishments" ...

  • Cleaned, assembled, greenstuffed gaps, sculpted bits, based, and primed a new Blood Bowl team - the Lustrian Leathermen!
  • Finished the sculpting and assembly of the Ogre cheerleader who was missing her arm. 
  • Completed the red cloth basecoat on my January painting commitment for the Blood Marys.
  • Worked on the skin colors of my BB Ogres the Bulltimore Bullies and began work on the metals.

And now for a bit of photographic evidence:

Putting these awesome Impact/Rolljordan models together was quite a feat. None of the arms attached smoothly and all required greenstuff additions to fill the gaps. This wouldn't normally be too bad but these crocodile models have no smooth muscle near the joints so I had to sculpt on armor plates and scaly skin for each of them. I also ended up missing a hand on one of the Saurus models (a recurring theme with my new BB models as of late) so I added a scaler/saw/knife where the hand should be.

I also played my last KUBBL III season game with the Nurgland Germs and lost to the Maynooth Gits 0-2, ending my undefeated season. It was a fun game but coach Thom was out bashed the Germs with goblins for most of the game and I just couldn't seem to keep the ball out of his team's greedy little hands and claws. The Germs did manage a fair few casualties, including the death of the dirty S3 goblin who kept them from scoring twice during the game. Now it's on to the playoffs!

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