Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In case you were wondering, moving isn't that fun.

Back in Kalamazoo in my new home but still in the process of unpacking. I haven't managed to do anything hobby related in a couple weeks with the exception of the WoC games I played right before I left Austin.

My time right now is mostly devoted to unpacking, moving boxes, finding a job, and setting up my new house. Which looks like this (in case you were wondering):

Yup. Still plenty of snow on the ground here, although the past three days have been really sunny and "warm" (around 35 to 40 degrees with lows in the 20's). Perhaps the sun followed me here from Austin?

My hobby area is still a major work in progress but I have staked out a space for it in the corner of my "man cave" (where my computer, comics, and music equipment also live). The natural light in this room is quite good and there is a ceiling fan and overheard light to brighten it even more. A major step up from the dingy back room I was working in before. 

So far I have yet to find any broken models while unpacking so I guess my shredded paper method of packing them worked alright. Now it is a matter of getting everything back in "order" so I can begin working on touchups for my Adepticon list. 

That's about all that has happened lately for me. Life = moving. If you are looking for hobby related content you could take a gander at a new blog I was reading today. It's called Dick Move, and the reason for the name should be pretty clear once you have read a few of the posts there. 

What do I think about the focus of that blog you ask? Well... I think it is important for anyone writing and "publishing" their thoughts on the internet to be aware of what they are saying and presenting, but it is also important for each blog to have it's own individual goals and focus. 

For example, I don't consider myself to be the "authority" on much of anything when it comes to WHFB. I created this blog to chronicle my progress in the hobby and to motivate myself when it comes to painting and modeling. I post the occasional "tactics" article and army list but I would never expect someone to take my ideas and win with them outright, nor do I profess my ways to being the "only" or "right" way to do things.

I do this blog 90% for myself, and 10% for anyone else who might be reading it. If you can take something from my work or writing and apply it to your games or hobby... great! I find inspiration on a variety of blogs and forums, and I am glad to be of any help I can for those who wish to receive it. 

Anyway... rambling now. I guess the point of all that is I am split 50/50 on the content and ideals of the Dick Move blog. If the focus doesn't rely on slamming other people and talking shit about their work I can see it being an interesting read. If the point is just being a dick and bullying other bloggers ... well I guess you could call that a "dick move".


Shelexie said...

I am currently in the process of moving to Austin and yeah, moving is not fun. After packing all my stuff into boxes, I can't even begin to imagine the pain it is going to be UNpacking. Hang in the man!

Randroid said...

Thanks! Where are you moving from?

Austin is a great town for tabletop gaming. Be sure to check out AMM if you haven't already:

Shelexie said...

We moved from Kentucky. It was a long drive and our stuff isn't here yet but I think we like Austin =)

Randroid said...

The only thing I miss about Austin (besides the awesome tabletop scene) right now is TACOS!!!

Eat a few for me!!