Monday, March 8, 2010

Rat Attack - new Skaven FAQ has been released!

Well I just finished my first day of a new job. Just when I thought this day couldn't get more exciting  I come home to find this! The Skaven army book FAQ was released by GW today. You can find it here.

Rahhh!! Rat power!!

So what changed you might ask (as you are too lazy or too uninterested to read the 8 page pdf)? Well here are a few choice bits I noticed:
  • Several things lost the "Strength in Numbers" rule. 
  • You can't take infinite Warp Pile items. 
  • The Storm Banner is a once use only item (as if there was any doubt). 
  • Master Moulder must be deployed in the front rank and do not count towards the rank bonus for their unit. 
  • The Doom Wheel does not need to see a target to charge it but must still charge the facing it was in when it charges (and this might also apply to the Hellpit Abomination). 
  • Shots from the Doom Wheel are not randomized among champions and Characters in units hit by the bolt?
  • You can model Skaven character mounts on any size you want basically. 
  • Same goes with the Hellpit Abomination. 
  • Characters not mounted on a Screaming Bell or Plague Furnace can be deployed in their unit and become Unbreakable. 
  • The Doom Rocket became even better.
  • The Doom-Flayer is S4. 
There are some other things in there but these are the big "changes" I took from the pdf. I think the number of Errata changes says a lot about the (sloppy) quality of the editing for the Skaven book, but aside from the questionable 360 degree charge movement for the Doom Wheel and Abom this FAQ is pretty solid. What do you think?

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