Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ogre smackdown - Local Warhammer scene overrun by drunken brutes!

Huzzah! Verily did thou beateth thon yonder Warhammer newbs at ye local shoppe!

Err ... what I meant to say was I went to the open gaming session at Titan Games yesterday and beat the tar out of two (new) local WHFB players (both of which brought 1k Bretonnian forces).

Normally I don't like playing Brets, but I made an exception as I needed the practice for the Adepticon Team Tournament coming up next weekend. Not sure how my opponents felt about the games we played (two good-natured gentlemen who are new to the game) as both ended in as a Massacre in favor of the Beer Gut Tribe.

Sorry boys, its just the school of hard knocks. Sometimes you gotta lose to learn how to play the game. No hard feelings eh?

In other exciting new, the chances of being able to rope in some new WHFB players in the area seems pretty good. There were quite a few 40k players in the store who seemed interested in playing Fantasy (some new 40k players were lamenting the fact that they had started with round bases instead of square), and the store's new manager discussed starting up a regular tournament at another local business if there was sufficient interest. All good signs!

Next time I head out to open gaming I think I will bring my Vampire Counts. I am still tinkering with list ideas in the hopes of finding a build with lots of Skeletons that can actually work. As part of this I am in the process of building two new "casty" Vampires. Here are a couple quick WIP pictures of what I have so far:

I was going for a Necrach theme and feel with these two, both are based off of some old Reaper miniatures which I have cut up and added to. I am considering adding a crown or helm to the one with the book and skull staff in case I wish to make this my "casty" Vampire Lord on foot. Right now he just has a bit of ratty hair sculpted to his head with green stuff.

Suggestions, comments, etc are welcome and encouraged as always! Until next time ...


Anonymous said...

The Vampires look pretty cool, even that this stage. Good to see a tatty Vampire for a change, rather than a hulking behemoth in armour.

Randroid said...


I have a hulking behemoth too ... but I want a couple creepy dead looking dudes to lead my skeletons around.

Anonymous said...

Well, they certainly are creepy looking. Is the behemoth model your standard hulking Vampire model, or something else?

Randroid said...

It's another Reaper model ... GW doesn't make any decent foot vampire models that I know of (aside from the Winged one but I have that).