Friday, March 26, 2010

The Beer Gut Tribe marches to war! - 1,000pt Adepticon Team Tournament list.

Hey look! It's Friday the 26th of March, which also happens to be the first day of the Adepticon events. Sadly, I was not able to afford the time nor money to attend all of the Adepticon events I would have liked, but I am still stoked to be playing in Sunday's Team Tournament event.

My Ogre models are painted, touched up, sealed, and prepped to go. But what am I bringing you ask? Well ...

Here is all of the Ogres my 1,000pt list contains. I'll let you take a guess at what I am bringing ...

No? Can't quite figure it out? Alright, just for you I present my "top secret" list:
HEROES: (312)
Bruiser - Heavy Armor, Great Weapon, Fistful of Laurels (157)
Butcher - Bangstick (155)

CORE: (612)
Bulls x 3 - Bellower (115)
Bulls x 3 - Bellower (115)
Ironguts x 3 (144)
Ironguts x 3 (144)
Gnoblar Fighters x 20 (40)
Gnoblar Trappers x 9 (54)

RARE: (75)

Total Points: 999 (of 1,000)
My teammate will be bringing 1,000 points of Skaven to back this up. The Furry Fatbacks will take home the gold!!!

This will be my first time at Adepticon, and from what I hear this is the biggest the event has ever been. I'll be arriving at some point on Saturday to poke my head into the events, say hi to folks, and check out the dealer room. Sunday is the TT event. Keep an eye out for me if you'll be there! I'll be wearing a maroon BattleForge Games shirt on Saturday and a red Austin Miniature Minions shirt on Sunday. Hope to see you there!


snakeeyesboxcars said...

Have fun there man, I wish I could go this year.

I did get to play against one of the teams though, a OK+Dwarves combo that smoked my team for sure. Say hi to Ryan and the Legend if you play them.

Good luck, and we'll be waiting for reviews :P

Randroid said...

OK Dwarfs eh? That would be fun I think...

I'll try and grab plenty of photos and stuff while I am wandering around on Saturday.

corbechev said...

I am very impressed with the way those Ogres look, good job. If only mine were that pretty, or frankly if I won with mine as much as you seem to, haha

Dennis said...

They look suitable dirty, hungry and vicious :) have fun and best of luck!